Preliminary accepted papers for EuroCG 2013

This years European Workshop on Computational Geometry takes place in Brunswick, Germany. Today I checked the webpage and found out that it lists the preliminary accepted papers. Its always hard to tell from the titles of the abstracts what you can expect, but I think the program looks very interesting. I also have a paper there about a cartographic labeling problem (joint work with Philipp Kindermann, Benjamin Niedermann, Ignaz Rutter, Marcus Schaefer, and Alexander Wolff).

I definitely plan to attend the workshop. Just by reading the program I expect to see many familiar faces in Brunswick. It has been ages since I have been to the EuroCG (last one for me was Graz). I heard that they have changed the format of the workshop a bit (multi-track).

Setting up a blog ...

I am planning to start a blog. I am currently setting everything up and play around with all the bells and whistles of wordpress (MathJax Wohoo!). I don’t know in which direction this will go, so I have to see. I will probably write something about the conferences I am going to attend and about interesting new papers I will stumble upon.

So let’s see.


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