Paper citation graph for GD

Here are a few pictures from the citation network of the Graph Drawing conference (GD). The nodes represent the papers that were published in GD. There are 821 papers in the data set. A edge is pointing from node a to node b, if the paper associated to node a cites the paper associated to node b. Of course this only encodes the citations within the GD conference. In particular, it ignores the fact that many papers were published subsequently as journal versions. However it is nice to expore this data. There are about 40% isolated nodes, and 20% of the nodes have only degree 1. The network has one big connected component and several very small components. I have generated a few pictures of the big component, listing only papers that have at least one GD citation. The size of the nodes reflect the in-degree (citations) of a paper.

The pictures were generated with gephi (a graph visualization toolkit). It is a decent kind of software, although I had a few problems with stability and bugs. Interestingly, gephi provides a feature for drawing curved edges, though I coudn't figured out in which way the edges were bent.

Thanks to Malte Landwehr for providing the GD citation data.

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