EuroCG 2013 part 1

This post is about  the European Workshop on Computational Geometry, number 29. This year's workshop takes place in Braunschweig Brunswick, Germany. In case you are interested, there is a  book of abstracts ready for download.

Day 1

The first day had already some very interesting talks. For those of you who don't know, the EuroCG has parallel tracks, so unfortunately, I missed some of the talks. Here is a small selection of talks I found especially interesting (form my very personal perspective):

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User study on curved drawings by TU/e group

I am a big fan of using circular arcs in drawings of plane graphs. Right now contradicting studies have been published whether circular-arc drawings or straight-line drawings are more appealing. (In my opinion it heavily depends on the quality of the circular-arc drawing.)

A group from the TU Eindhoven (Arthur van Goethem, Wouter Meulemans, Bettina Speckmann, Jo Wood) is currently conducting a new online user study. If you would like to participate visit this link. (It will take 10 minutes.)

I close this post with a circular-arc drawing I made for the graph of the dodecahedron which uses the minimum number of arcs.


Accepted papers for SoCG 2013

I just received an email with the accepted papers of this year's Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG), which takes place in Rio de Janeiro. According to the PC chairs 48 Paper were selected out of 136 submissions (that is an acceptance rate of about 35 %).

See here for the list of accepted papers, unfortunately without abstracts.


Erik Demaine proposed for the Presburger Award 2013

I have just read that Erik Demaine was proposed for the Presburger Award 2013 for young scientists (read here and here). Without a doubt Erik fully deserves this award. He is a brilliant scientist and a great artist. I had the pleasure to work with him during my postdoc stay at MIT. I was impressed that he always finds the time (despite his super-full schedule) to get together with his students.

Congratulations Erik!

Vertex-first projections of hypercubes

A few days ago I was answering a question posted on It was asked what would be the next polytope in the following sequence "Hexagon,Rhombic Dodecahedron,???"?

One possible answer for this question goes along the following lines: Both the hexagon and the rhombic dodecahedron are vertex-first projections of cubes. The hexagon is the projection of the 3-cube, and the rhombic dodecahedron is the projection of the 4-cube. So the next polytope in this sequence would be the vertex-first projection of the 5d cube. (I consider the vertex-first projection that aligns two opposing cube vertices along the normal vector of the projection hyperplane.)

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Preliminary accepted papers for EuroCG 2013

This years European Workshop on Computational Geometry takes place in Brunswick, Germany. Today I checked the webpage and found out that it lists the preliminary accepted papers. Its always hard to tell from the titles of the abstracts what you can expect, but I think the program looks very interesting. I also have a paper there about a cartographic labeling problem (joint work with Philipp Kindermann, Benjamin Niedermann, Ignaz Rutter, Marcus Schaefer, and Alexander Wolff).

I definitely plan to attend the workshop. Just by reading the program I expect to see many familiar faces in Brunswick. It has been ages since I have been to the EuroCG (last one for me was Graz). I heard that they have changed the format of the workshop a bit (multi-track).