New Blog by Adam Sheffer

I just heard that Adam Sheffer has a blog  called "The Plane Truth - Combinatorial geometry and other typos". Adam writes about algebraic techniques in combinatorial geometry. These techniques lead very recently to new results in the distinct distances problem (see here for the seminal paper by Guth and Katz).

Adam is known for his work on counting geometric graphs. In particular, he and Micha Sharir showed that every point set in the plane with n  points contains at most triangulations. Since I am also working on similar problems I hope he also writes about these problems from time to time.

User study on curved drawings by TU/e group

I am a big fan of using circular arcs in drawings of plane graphs. Right now contradicting studies have been published whether circular-arc drawings or straight-line drawings are more appealing. (In my opinion it heavily depends on the quality of the circular-arc drawing.)

A group from the TU Eindhoven (Arthur van Goethem, Wouter Meulemans, Bettina Speckmann, Jo Wood) is currently conducting a new online user study. If you would like to participate visit this link. (It will take 10 minutes.)

I close this post with a circular-arc drawing I made for the graph of the dodecahedron which uses the minimum number of arcs.